Woman Suing FDNY and MTA after Bus Crash

A woman who was injured in the accident between a firetruck and an MTA bus is suing both the FDNY and the MTA. The woman was injured at the intersection of Ditmars Boulevard and 21st Street when the firetruck who had its lights and sirens going, went through a red light. The firetruck was on its way to a fire that involved a number of tractor trailers. Along with the woman suing the FDNY and the MTA, there were a total of 14 injuries; including both firefighters and bus passengers.
The victim claimed she was knocked unconscious and when she came to, she was covered in broken glass and there was a baby stoller on top of her. She suffered, back, neck and knee injuries. The city will review her request to sue the city before moving forward.

Source: NY Daily News


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