Subway Push Victim at Ease

“I just want to know why this happened to me.”- Eqwuato Amulu

Last week, a 69 year old man named Eqwuato Amulu, was pushed down the stairs at the 36th street M/R subway station in Long Island. This “accidental shove” has left the victim with a fractured knee and other major injuries involving the face and shoulders. The incident was caught on the subway station’s surveillance camera and proved the assaulter to be Jerome Blakely. Blakely claims that he had been in a hurry to catch the next train after realizing that he was on the wrong side of the track when he had accidentally bumped into Amulu.

Blakely is now facing assault charges and had his first court hearing this Tuesday. Upon hearing this Amulu said, “I feel great. Very happy about it,” expressing his happiness for a case that seems to be going his way.

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