Streets still closed after crane collapse

This past Friday, a crane collapsed in Tribeca, killing 1 man and injuring 3 others. The man who was killed was sitting in his car on his way to work when the large crane collapsed and crushed his car.

After the accident this weekend, the Mayor and the city have come up with a plan in order to increase restrictions with cranes, in hopes of decreasing the amounts of incidences. A report by CBS News states, “The plan mandates workers to put cranes in safety mode when high winds are forecast and to send advisories under those conditions. De Blasio also called for more sidewalk protection for pedestrians and said a crane safety task force is also being created. The Department of Buildings will also raise the fine for failure to comply with regulations from $4,800 to $10,000.” There are also other implications that have been put into place to ensure everyone’s safety (the workers’ as well as the general public within the vicinity of the crane. The Daily News states, “The city also plans to ramp up enforcement of street and sidewalk closures due to crane activity: Cops, firefighters and officials from the departments of Buildings and Transportation will be ordered to keep pedestrians out. Crane operators will also now be required to notify people who live and work in the area when a crane is moved. The only notification currently required is when a crane is installed. The city will also form a task force on crane safety to develop additional regulations.

The news report also states that the company (Bay Crane Services) that manufactured/owns the crane has been cited for safety violation 4 times since 2011. This company owns around a quarter of the cranes that are in operation around the city.

The funeral for the man that was killed, was held on Sunday.



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