Second attack by Pit Bull in 5 years

For the second time in its life, a pit bull has attacked a passerby in front of its home in Brooklyn. The victim? A small orange dog (named Cash Money) that was walking with his owner in front of the home on December 10th. The owner of the pit bull whose name is Solo, says his dog did nothing wrong. He is pinning the blame on Cash Money’s owner, who he says should have had the small dog on a leash and should not have let her dog try to go through the fence in front of his house.

This is the second attack in which Solo was involved in. In 2010, he along with the 2 other dogs which are all owned by the same man, attacked a Chinese food delivery man who was handing out menus. The man walked up the driveway to pass out the menu, instead of leaving it in the mailbox. The man was attacked by the 3 pit bulls while doing so.

Cash Money; however seemed to stick his head through a gap in the fence, which is why he was attacked. Solo’s owner points out the three “BEWARE OF DOGS!” signs along his property. The small pooch was walking near the gate when Solo attacked, and tried to pull Cash Money through the fence. The smaller dog lost his right eye in the attack and fractured his jaw as well. The vet also had to remove some gum tissue that was damaged in the attack.

While the police say that there isn’t much that they can do, the owner of Cash Money can however file a civil suit against the owner of Solo.

Source: NY Daily News (Warning: Graphic Photos included)


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