Pedestrian accidents: Who’s to Blame?

According to an article written for the NY Post, the Spokesman for the Transport Workers Union Local 100 Pete Donahue stated how most of the time, pedestrians are actually to blame for causing these accidents. The reason for this is, because people mindlessly wander in front of cars and buses. He goes on to state, “the city’s own “Vision Zero” data shows that pedestrians are at fault in 47 percent of the cases where they die. It’s a fact that people are constantly darting or sauntering through intersections against the signal, crossing mid-block far from the relative safety of a crosswalk, texting with their heads down. We all do it,” Donahue wrote in a blog he posted on the TWU Web site Monday.

In the past the MTA worker’s union has been vocal when it comes to their opposition to the Mayor’s Zero Vision plan that involves a misdemeanor charge to those who do not give the pedestrian the right of way in traffic. However, there are plenty of advocates who are speaking out against this statement made by the Worker’s Union of the MTA. “This is a strange message to send just after a year when reckless and speeding drivers killed 16 New Yorkers who were on sidewalks and in buildings, doing things like eating ice cream, trick-or-treating or holiday shopping with their loved ones,” said Brian Zumhagen, spokesman for Transportation Alternatives, an organization that supports de Blasio’s Vision Zero plan.”

According to NYPD statistics, 58 percent of all traffic deaths last year were of pedestrians and 69 percent of pedestrian fatalities were caused by reckless/dangerous driving.

Instead of pointing fingers at who we think should be to blame for the amount of pedestrian accidents and even deaths, shouldn’t we devise a plan on how we can combat this? Or even how we can make our streets safer for both drivers and pedestrians?


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