New York Woman will sue MTA after A Train derailment.

NYC Train Derailment: A Daily News Exclusive shares the story of Ashleigh Hertzig, a woman who is legally blind and suffering injuries from the recent A train derailment. Hertzig, 25, is a graduate student at NYU.

When the A train first started to shake, Hertzig thought everything would be okay. But, when the train lurched Hertzig fell. Luckily she was able to hold on to her dog and the kind people sitting next to her. Hertzig said she was doing fine until she smelled smoke, and heard someone mention a fire. This caused Hertzig to panic becuase she “couldn’t see the fire and didn’t know how severe it was… “I was afraid we were all going to burn because we were stuck under there.” Hertzig has hired legal representation and reports say she could sue for close to $5 million.

Read the full story here.

NYC Train Derailment


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