New York Subway Derailment

On June 27, a southbound A train derailed as it entered the 125th Street station. Reports say that the train scraped the tunnel walls and came to a startling stop, rattling passengers. Though the power and air conditioning was off, leaving less than comfortable conditions, Conductor Christopher Miller reported that his priority was making sure every passenger was safe. Miller said the train was traveling 20-25 mph as it pulled into the station.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman Joe Lhota gave a statement explaining that the New York subway derailment was caused by an “improperly secured piece of replacement rail that was stored on the tracks…. Storing equipment in between tracks is a common practice employed by railroads across the country to accelerate rail repairs”. Thirty-four passengers were treated for minor injuries.

As of June 28th, Subway service has been resumed.

New York Subway Derailment


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