Man Struck on Canal Street

Just before 5am Friday morning a man was struck on Canal Street and West Broadway. The driver immediately stopped, and there is no criminality suspected.

Many New Yorkers are victims of accidental morning car crashes due to the morning pandemonium that the city offers. Manhattan is a fast-paced chaotic city with roughly 3.9 million of people trying to achieve the same goal, getting to work on time.We find ourselves taking actions that we would never admit in order to be right on track with our schedules, like yelling and honking our horns to get pedestrians to speed up their pace for our benefit. These actions are caused by our wants and the way the city has made us feel in this environment.

An accident can happen at any moment in time in a city that offers commotions and distractions. Don’t let the population overload and chaos be the reason for your injury.

For individuals who have been hurt in a city accident or know someone who has been, we suggested you speak to a personal injury attorney, at Goidel and Siegel, LLP.


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