Hit and Runs continue

The city has continued to be plagued by careless drivers. Over the weekend there were at least 2 pedestrians killed in separate accidents. However what they both have in common is the fact that the drivers left the scene after striking and killing the person.

The first accident occurred Friday night in the Bronx near 170th Street and Wythe Avenue. Here, a man was hit as he crossed the street at around 10:20 pm. The man was struck by three different cars before being found unconscious and unresponsive. The third driver, stayed at the scene after hitting the man. However, the first two drivers sped away and left the accident. He was not pronounced dead at the scene therefore it is not known which vehicle actually killed him.

The second accident occurred early Sunday in Brooklyn. This accident involved 2 cars as well. However, the initial vehicle that struck the man stayed at the scene, whereas the second vehicle fled. After being knocked down by the first driver, the pedestrian attempted to get up, but was struck by another car. He later died at the hospital.

In both cases, drivers had left scene, which has become an alarmingly increasing occurrence, in these past few weeks. The Mayor’s office is still standing by its Vision Zero plan despite the number of pedestrian accidents that have seemed to increase in these past few weeks and even months.





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