Goidel and Siegel litigates for Medero

Trip and Fall Accident: Goidel and Siegel is currently in litigation for their client Mr. Medero. Medero tripped and fell over an unsecured rain mat in the lobby of a midtown building. Medero tore ligaments in both knees and left hand necessitating a double knee replacement and hand surgery. The case is being argued in the Supreme Court in Brooklyn, NY.

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Valid personal injury lawsuits arise from a vast range of falls on defective property. Whether your fall was caused by a slippery spill in a store or restaurant, an unsafe ramp or stairway that violated building codes, or some other hazard or obstacle, a call to our firm is the right call. We will provide a free consultation, and you will owe no attorney fees unless we pursue your case and obtain compensation for you.

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Trip and Fall Accident


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