Falling Debris

Around 10pm on Monday night, debris from construction work tumbled 35 stories from a Manhattan high rise on the Upper East Side. The accident seems to stem from the repointing that is being done to the outer walls of the building.

More than 12 hours after the incident, the immediate streets around the scene of the falling debris were closed with caution tape. The building itself has had scaffolding around it for the past few months or so because of the construction work. “According to the Department of Buildings website, all buildings higher than six stories need to have exterior walls inspected every five years. The repointing work being done at the site was to make recommended fixes as a result of that inspection, authorities said. The Department of Buildings is investigating whether the repointing work was done properly. Quality Building Construction, which was doing the repointing work, told NBC 4 New York it is working with all agencies involved and cooperating fully in the investigation.”

Before Monday night’s accident, there seemed to be no complaints against the company doing the construction work. However, as of Tuesday night a complaint was filed with the Department of Buildings. Also the FDNY has requested an inspection for the building.

Fortunately there were no injuries reported.


NBC 4 New York


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