Sports Injury Restrictions

Participating in school sports and activities can be a great opportunity to start off the school year. Hundreds of thousands of children across the country participate in school activities, but most of these activities can cause accidents and injuries.

The two most common sports that are prone to accidents and injuries are American Football and Cheerleading. Both of these sports require hours of practices, involving risky movements. An accident or an injury is bound to happen.


Some of the most common football injuries include concussions, heat injuries, and other  traumatic injuries. However, knee injuries and ankle sprains in football are the most common, especially for offensive and defensive linemen, due to cutting motions.  Concussions can also occur due to a traumatic impact. Some tips for football injury prevention are to perform warm-up routines, incorporate strength training and stretching, and using the proper safety equipment.


The most common cheerleading injuries tend to be more severe. They affect areas of the wrists, shoulders, ankles, head, and neck. In addition, cheerleaders put themselves at risk during practices and competitions due to stunts and formations.  Some cheerleading injury prevention tips are stunt restrictions, doing resistance exercises for back, stomach and shoulders, and regular stretching.


With any sport, proper training is important to minimize injuries and accidents. If you have been in a sports related injury that due to negligence, the personal injury lawyers at Goidel & Siegel, LLP, may be able to help you  receive financial compensation.


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